HL Adventure | Helicopter Glacier Hike

Helicopter Glacier Hike

Inspiring Ice Hiking in a remote location


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This adventure takes you on an unparalleled helicopter adventure from Reykjavik, soaring over the mesmerizing black sand beach, volcanoes, glaciers, and waterfalls of Iceland's south coast. The highlight of this journey is a secluded landing on the Tungnárkíslarjökull glacier, offering an hour-long private hiking tour in a remote, pristine setting high above the beaten track. After immersing in the glacier's wonders, take off for Reykjavík, enjoying a magnificent bird's eye view during the return flight.

This one-day adventure, featuring a breathtaking helicopter flight over the awe-inspiring South coast of Iceland, followed by an exclusive hour-long private glacier hike in a remote, untouched location far off the beaten track. Cap off the experience with more stunning bird's eye views during the return journey.


  • Heli fly over the spectacular South coast of Iceland
  • hour-long private glacier hike far off the beaten track
  • more magnificent bird's eye view on the way back


  • Certified glacier guide
  • Private transfer to Reykjavik heliport
  • Technical glacier equipment
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