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North Iceland Escape

Unveiling the Wonders of the North


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This unforgettable 2-night getaway in North Iceland, starts in Akureyri. Stroll through the charming streets North Iceland's vibrant capital, where you'll discover local shops, cafes, and the iconic Akureyri Church. Venture to Hauganes on Eyjafjörður fjord for an unforgettable whale-watching adventure, encountering majestic marine life. Conclude your day with relaxation, indulging in a soothing forest lagoon bath surrounded by the tranquility of nature. You will spend your first night in the lively atmosphere of the Capital of the North.

The following day, venture to the mystical Mývatn region located on the Diamond Circle, renowned for its stunning landscapes and geothermal wonders. All the highlight will be included in this adventure: the enchanting Ásbyrgi canyon, the geothermal area of Húsavík, the powerful Dettifoss waterfall and the otherworldly volcanic landscapes of Lake Mývatn. As the day concludes, unwind in a cozy accommodation overseeing the Mývatn Lake, reflecting on the beauty and tranquility of your North Icelandic escape.

The third morning, on the way to the airport, you will not miss the awe-inspiring beauty of Goðafoss, the "Waterfall of the Gods", where cascading waters plunge dramatically over a horseshoe-shaped rock formation, creating a stunning natural spectacle.
This is the chance to expend your experience of Iceland in the North.


  • Whale Watching in Eyjafjörður Fjord
  • City Walk to Discover Akureyri, Capital of the North
  • Soak in the Forest Lagoon
  • Magestic Goðafoss Waterfall
  • Diamond Circle Tour: Ásbyrgi, Tjörnes, Húsavík, Mývatn, Dettifoss
  • Traditional Icelandic Food Tasting in Mývatn
  • Optional Buggy tour
  • Optional Snorkelling in the Bubbly Sand River
  • Overnight at Kea Hotel Akureyri or Lodge
  • Overnight at Fosshotel Mývatn or Lodge
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