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Wild Dining Experience

Farm to table: we bring the restaurant to you in the most bespoke locations!


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Part of travelling is experiencing local food and tradition. Our wild dining experience is set up in a secret location. Surrounded by a forest, deep into a lava cave, by the shores of a red-sand beach or on the top of a glacier, we bring the restaurant to you and use the unspoiled Icelandic landscape as our venue! Depending on the season, feast under the Northern Lights and/or the Midnight Sun!

Our private chef Geir Brynjólfsson will create a meal according to all you needs and taste, based on seasonal ingredients and Icelandic cuisine. We can adapt our wild dining to all taste and group age: various dietary options available (kosher, gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, etc.). All of our products are homegrown in the unspoiled Icelandic countryside near Efra-Nes Country Estate in West Iceland and follow the seasons and harvests.

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