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Mysterious Caves

Explore the Underworld of the South

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Twelve man-made caves were discovered on the land of Ægissíða by Hella on the South coast of Iceland. The historical site is Iceland's oldest still standing archaeological remains. Some believe the caves to date even further back than the settlement of the Nordic Vikings. The wonders of the Caves of Hella include ancient crosses, wall carvings and carved seats. Caves of Hella offer a great opportunity to explore these historic caves in Iceland.

Underworld of the South, for nearly 200 years, one local family has preserved and cared for these caves, and in 2019, four of the twelve caves were opened to the public, marking a commitment to restoring their historical significance. Passed down through generations, the caves' stories include mysterious tales predating Viking settlement, with their origin speculated to trace back to the Celts, showcasing our dedication to sustainable tourism and collaboration with the local community in continuing the restoration project supervised by the Cultural Heritage Agency of Iceland

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