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Fishing in Iceland

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Iceland's pristine waters and breathtaking landscapes make it a paradise for fishing enthusiasts seeking a memorable angling experience. The country boasts abundant opportunities for catching three prized species: trout, arctic char, and salmon. The crystal-clear rivers and lakes of Iceland are renowned for their thriving trout populations, offering both novices and seasoned anglers a chance to test their skills.

The Arctic char, with its vibrant hues and unique habitat, presents an exciting challenge for those seeking a distinctive catch. However, the crown jewel of Icelandic fishing is undoubtedly the Atlantic salmon. Renowned for their size and strength, these majestic fish navigate the country's rivers during the summer, creating an exhilarating salmon fishing season.

Whether casting a line in a remote river surrounded by breathtaking landscapes or enjoying the camaraderie of a fishing lodge or from one of our Luxury Lodges, Iceland's diverse fishing opportunities promise an unforgettable adventure for those eager to reel in the beauty and bounty of its waters.

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