HL Adventure | Icelandic Underworld

Icelandic Underworld

An off the grid experience: diving, caving and feasting in the centre of the Earth!


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Embark on a truly bespoke adventure into the heart of Iceland's uncharted territory. Delight in an exclusive exploration of three numinous sites, completely off the grid.

Imagine descending into an underwater secret canyon, hidden in the crystal-clear waters of Lake Þingvellir. Savor a sumptuous feast in a clandestine location, featuring delectable locally grown products. And finally, venture into two mysterious underground caves, filled with otherworldly wonders.

Experience this once-in-a-lifetime journey to the Centre of the Earth with complete privacy, accompanied by fully licensed professionals from the diving and speleological worlds. With the option of two fissure dives and one cave exploration, this Icelandic Underworld experience is tailored to your preferences.

If the thrill of speleology ignites your curiosity and adventure runs through your veins, look no further. Join the ranks of the world's greatest explorers and discover the hidden treasures of the Icelandic Underworld.

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